FIA disbands group engaged in visa fraud

The Anti-Human Trafficking Circle conducted the raid in the F-7 district of Islamabad, according to an FIA spokeswoman, and four people were taken into custody, including a lady gang member who had defrauded citizens of billions of dollars through a visa scam.

In addition to the female gang member, other suspects were Saddam Hussain, Umair Kazmi, and Malik Bilal.

Numerous first-information reports across the nation have nominated the culprits, who had conned people out of billions of dollars.

The group was charged in cases filed in the last two years with the FIA, the center, and all four provinces of Pakistan.

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According to the FIA spokeswoman, the suspects have also gotten money from citizens through bank transfers.

The organization used to deceive people on social media by offering to help them obtain a visa and find work abroad. They also set up an illegal agency in order to take money from the citizens.

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