For the third time, Sindh’s chief minister is Murad Ali Shah.

Murad Ali Shah, a candidate for the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), has won a third term as chief minister of Sindh.

Murad Ali Shah, the PPP candidate, received 112 votes, while Ali Khurshidi, the MQM-P candidate, received 36 votes.

Owais Qadir Shah, the Speaker of the Sindh Assembly, oversaw the meeting at which the Leader of the House was chosen.

Following the polling process, the Speaker of the Sindh Assembly said that Ali Khurshidi of the MQM had received 36 votes, while Murad Ali Shah of the PPP had received 112 votes, making him the victorious candidate for Sindh Chief Minister.

The people have chosen Murad Ali Shah to be the 25th Chief Minister of Sindh.

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