Four injured and one dead as many explosions shake Balochistan

Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan, Turbat, and Dera Allah Yar city in the Jaffarabad district were the sites of three distinct bombings that left four injured and sent them to hospitals for treatment.

With general elections for seats in the National Assembly and provincial assemblies approaching, the security situation remains a difficult one.

An explosive device detonated close to a police checkpost in Quetta, and the police team was able to identify the type of blast that caused one injury in the Turbat explosion at Ghulam Nabi Chowk.

At the scene of the event, Quetta SSP (Operations) Tariq Jawad informed the media that a roadside explosion on CPEC Road had claimed one life. He said that investigations were being conducted to ascertain the name of the dead and that eight to ten kilogrammes of explosives were utilised in the explosion.

According to the official, the dead seemed to be a bystander during the first inquiry, and there was no political campaign going on in the vicinity of the explosion.

According to Jawad, security was closely monitoring the election-related activities.

A third explosion happened in the area of Jaffarabad at the Bhatti hotel, which is situated on the national route Dera Allah Yar.

Due to the district’s worsening security, the deputy commissioner in Hub gave political parties orders to limit their political activities, demonstrations and corner meetings.

According to a spokeswoman, the electoral commission has also been made aware of the explosions that occurred in Quetta, Turbat, and Jaffarabad. The commission has requested an immediate report from the inspector general of police and the chief secretary of Balochistan.

A grenade attack on the political office of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) candidate Ali Madad Jatak from BP-45 on Wednesday resulted in five injuries.

Similarly, after gunfire on the Jusak Police post in the Kech area of Balochistan, at least one police officer was hurt in a hand grenade attack.

Unidentified armed individuals attacked two trucks transporting minerals in the Mangochar region of the Kalat district, Balochistan, injuring one more person.

Unidentified suspects threw a hand grenade at the deputy commissioner’s house in Kachi, injuring at least one person.

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