Fraud Second Last Episode Review: Shaan and Maya reunites

Sharjeel forges Tooba’s mother’s initials too and her reaction is quite

ARY Digital’s drama serial Fraud is quite close to its conclusion, this episode is its Second Last episode. Performances are all on spot. The play has been quite dragged but it will be forgiven if Sharjeel and his ex group will going to get exemplary punishment. In the previous episode, we watched Shaan sees the real face of his stepmother. In this episode, he leaves his stepmother and comes back to Maya.

Shaan is still absorbing the fact that her stepmother who he has blind faith has actually betrayed him, she has robbed him of all his rights and money. Well, the most unrealistic reaction of Shaan is that he does not go to file any case against his stepmom why? Giving up all his rightfully owned property and money is not a sane decision. Shaan is robbing her daughter of a sound future, she has a right to his property and money as well.

Well, I don’t find Shaan’s farewell scene with his stepmom a heart touching where he is saying that he has always regarded her as his mother and if she has asked her for this he would have happily given her all of it. Still, Shaan’s stepmother has not moved with his words and we are wondering if Shaan is mentally sound or not. He leaves his own house giving it up to his stepmom, he leaves the house with Zimmal.

Shaan along with Zimmal enters Maya’s house putting Maya in shock. Well, he has done a heinous act of throwing her wife out of the house in the middle of the night. It was expected that Nisaar Sahab will react accordingly but no he welcomes him with open arms. Shaan requests him to let he stay in his house for a few days. It is delightful to see Maya and Shaan reuniting and their cute romantic banter is back.

However, what we really want from the end of the story is that we want to see Sharjeel and his ex-group paying for their sins. We want to address all the loose ends of the story. We want to see Rehana and Chaudhry Sahab getting justice and it would be great if Maya will be the person who will help them all in getting justice as she will bring disaster for Sharjeel. It is good to see Shaan starting a business and Maya is being part of that venture as well with the aim of helping all the victims of Sharjeel by providing them with work. Great thing is that Shaan is with her on this cause. Sharjeel’s father dies, and he tries to forge Tooba’s mother’s initial on which he gets schooled by her. He badly insults Sharjeel and now he is planning to rob her. Excited about the ending! May poetic justice be served.

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