Free medical camp run by the Pakistan Army at Chitianwala village

In order to give the people of Chitianwala village, which is outside of Lahore, access to basic medical treatment, the Pakistan Army has established a free medical camp.

Hundreds of patients were examined and treated by the many physicians and paramedics who attended the medical camp, including gynecologists. Expert medical professionals were also in attendance, attending to the guests’ different health issues.

It is anticipated that more than 1500 people would gain from this program, receiving both medical care and insightful information about sustaining good health. In addition to treating patients, the medical staff also held education classes on diet, hygiene, and illness prevention, with a special emphasis on conditions like dengue.

The community expressed their gratitude towards the Pakistan Army for their consistent efforts in organizing such free medical camps in rural areas, highlighting their commitment to public welfare. These camps reflect the Army’s dedication to providing modern healthcare facilities and medications to underserved populations in remote regions.

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