GDP growth is anticipated to range from 2% to 3%.

Pakistan’s economy is improving as a result of the Special Investment Facilitation Council’s (SIFC) diligent effort at the policy level to bring the economy back on track.

Recent statistics from the Asian Development Bank, State Bank of Pakistan, and Bureau of Statistics Pakistan indicate that throughout the past nine months, Pakistan’s economy has been trending upward.

Although inflation hasn’t decreased, Pakistan’s economy is performing better this year than it did in 2023. The main causes of this are unanticipated natural disasters and poor past choices.

According to the Asian Development Bank, there was evidence of both the rising tendency of the Pakistan Stock Exchange and the stability of the rupee’s value in relation to the US dollar.

According to the State Bank of Pakistan, the agriculture sector will be the primary driver of GDP growth, which is expected to range from 2 to 3 percent.

The State Bank of Pakistan reports that the growth rate of the agricultural sector in the fiscal year 2024 above 7 percent because of the rise in wheat, rice, corn, and cotton crops.

Pakistanis are sending more money home, which has resulted in a 619 million dollar increase in the current account. For fiscal year 2024, the entire current account deficit has decreased by 87.5% to 0.5 billion dollars from the previous year.

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