Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Jul 18, 2022 – Jul 24, 2022 – Get ready to have some fun when Mercury enters Leo on Tuesday, moving through your communication zone for the next two weeks, making you even wittier and more sociable. You’ll be able to strike up a conversation with anyone about anything. Speak with confidence to get everything you desire.

Summer vacation is officially here when the sun moves into your conversation zone on Friday. You’ll have some brilliant ideas for how to have a good time, so this is a great time to plan a road trip with your friends. Just don’t use your words to spark any drama.

If you have some big feelings that you’ve been keeping to yourself, start sharing them when Ceres enters Leo and your conversation zone on Saturday. Whether you’re writing in a journal, confiding in a trusted friend or talking to a professional, you’ll be able to process your grief and grow from it. Let it all out, Gemini!

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