Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Sep 12, 2022 – Sep 18, 2022 – Yikes! This is going to be a tough week, especially when it comes to your home life, with your ruling planet still in retrograde and Venus in Virgo forming a square with Mars in your sign on Friday. Family judgment might mess with your confidence and prevent you from going after your deepest desires. Don’t let the opinions of others run your life. You can forge your own path, Gemini.

However, it isn’t a great time to think outside the box when Mercury in Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries on Sunday. You might be isolated from important connections or friendships that can help lift you up. Your originality and sharp wit don’t blend well with the groupthink, and you might have to choose between going out on your own and going along with the pack. Think it through carefully and choose wisely.

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