Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Has your home become too much of a hideaway, Gemini? Or maybe you’re treating it like a pit stop between your endless jaunts. Wherever you fall on the domestic spectrum, this Tuesday, June 7 is bound to bring a shift. As the quarter moon in Virgo shines its retrofitting beams into your fourth house of roots, you can restore a healthy balance between “tuning out the world” and “unleashing my social butterfly.” If you’re feeling stuck or unmotivated, try a little Feng Shui to get your chi flowing again (and check out our masterclass with Gemini practitioner Kate MacKinnon at Moving objects around in the corners representing your career, money or relationship CAN shift the energy. (So, um, maybe those suitcases in your love corner have something to do with the baggage-laden dates you’ve been attracting—or your own romantic restlessness.) You’ve got nothing to lose by moving things around and placing a smarter symbolic object there, like say, a thriving plant…or make that two of them!

The fourth house governs family, so if you see room for improvement in a certain relationship, approach the matter gently near Tuesday. Focus on what you’d love to make better instead of harping on the pain point. For example, maybe you find yourself constantly loading dirty dishes that are stacked up in the sink. (None of which were used by you, thankyouverymuch.) Irritating, yes, but go in gently like, “I’d love to keep the sink area clear, can we make a practice of washing our plates and cups right after we use them?” Then, tack up a cute lil’ reminder note to get everyone in the practice. There may be more serious matters to attend to with the people under your roof. But even when drama is “five pepper” level, before you start pointing fingers, remember that it takes two to tango.

If you need some time for reflection, circle Saturday—or heck, the whole weekend—for contemplation. But under these active skies, you may rise quickly from your meditation pillow to break out the journal and creative supplies. Aesthetic Venus connects the dots with innovative Uranus, this year in Taurus and your divinely inspired twelfth house. Does your inner unicorn have room to roam…at least in the privacy of your own home? If you want to turn that spare bedroom into a dance studio, test kitchen or developer’s lab, first you’ll have to haul out things that are no longer “you.” While Venus loves to decorate, the first step is to prepare the blank canvas.

Now for another question, Gemini: How’s your heart? If a few “security blankets” are no longer accessible, this weekend offers a chance to pull back and view the loss from a spiritual perspective. Saying that everything happens for a reason might sound cliche, but if that were indeed the case, what can you take away from the experience? If you’re still processing pain, tap your circle for referrals to the authors, healers, therapists and other wise guides who helped them get through to the other side. As communal Uranus reminds you, there’s no reason to suffer through this alone.

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