Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Mar 6, 2023 – Mar 12, 2023 – You start the week with a fixation on creating the perfect home thanks to the full moon in Virgo and your family zone on Tuesday. You want to do things the “right” way, but don’t be so hard on yourself. Practice self-care as you get ready for spring.

Especially as you’ll be shifting your focus to your professional career goals when Saturn enters Pisces on Tuesday, moving into your career zone. Over the next three years you’ll be getting an “adult” job, so focus on your reputation. Career shake-ups can get messy. Set boundaries between your work life and home life to protect your peace. Get ready to mature, Gemini!

The weekend brings some intensity to your relationships when Juno enters Taurus on Saturday, moving into your privacy zone. There is a strong possibility of a secret, intense relationship, even an affair. While this might seem spicy and exciting, be careful. You’re playing with fire.

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