Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Mar 27, 2023 – Apr 2, 2023 – Start this week by making new friends and connections as Mercury conjoins Jupiter in your social zone. Your abundance of charm will be able to win anyone over. Speak your hopes to help them come true. And don’t be afraid to make a wish, Gemini.

There’s a strong possibility of getting a promotion when Mars in Cancer trines Saturn in Pisces on Thursday. Your passion and desire to make money will have you working harder to get noticed by all the most important people. Keep grinding!

However, there’s also a strong possibility of a breakup when Venus conjoins Uranus in Taurus and your ending zone that same day. You might decide that you need a change from a relationship that just isn’t working out. Accept what can’t be changed and move on to something brighter. Remember, spring is a time for new beginnings, so let go.

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