Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Sep 4, 2023 – Sep 10, 2023 – You’re starting September by doing some profound soul-searching when Jupiter goes retrograde in your subconscious zone on Monday. You might need to spend some time away from the world to figure yourself out over the next several months. Learn to accept the things you can’t change, Gemini, and make sacrifices to get through the obstacles in your path.

Consider having a family meeting when the sun conjoins Mercury in your home zone on Wednesday. This is a great day to clear the air and talk out any problems you may be having with your loved ones. Brainstorm ways you can all live together without driving each other crazy.

After handling the family drama, you’re ready to spend the weekend relaxing when the sun trines Jupiter on Friday. Make your space your sanctuary as you take the time to heal where you’re comfortable. Invest in your peace.

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