Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Jan 22, 2024 – Jan 28, 2024 – Love affairs are about to get serious over the next several weeks once Venus enters Capricorn and your intimacy zone on Tuesday. You’ll have a strong desire to build lasting intimacy and strengthen your bonds with others. Take relationships to the next level and share resources together.

You’ve been holding your tongue for far too long, Gemini, so when the full moon is in Leo and your communication zone on Thursday, you’ll finally have an opportunity to LET IT OUT! Use this time to tell people what you’re thinking and have some big talks to clear the air, even if there’s drama.

After months of starts and stalls, it’s time to cut out anything in your life that isn’t working for you once Uranus moves forward in your subconscious zone on Friday. Don’t stay in places or relationships where you feel trapped. Find your freedom and understand what you truly value.

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