General Elections 2024: Tomorrow Is Election Day Nationwide

Tomorrow, voters across the country will choose representatives to the National Assembly and four provincial assemblies.

Voting will take place from eight in the morning to five in the evening. Additionally, it will be a public holiday, allowing everyone to practice their freedom without interference.

To cast a ballot, voters must provide their original, computerised National Identity Cards. Moreover, expired CNIC is accepted.

There will be elections for 490 seats in four provincial assemblies and 265 seats in the national assembly.

There are 5,121 contenders vying for seats in the National Assembly. There are 312 females, 4807 males, and 2 transgender people among them.

There are 12695 candidates running for the four Provincial Assemblies, 12123 of whom are males, 570 of whom are women, and two of whom are transgender.

In all, 128,585,760 people are eligible to vote in this nation.

There are 73, 207,896 registered voters in Punjab, 26,994,769 in Sindh, 21,928,119 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 5,371,947 in Balochistan, and 1,083,029 in Federal Capital Islamabad are the next highest numbers.

Nationwide, ninety thousand seven hundred and seventy seven voting places have been set up. Among them, 44,000 voting places have been classified as standard, 29,000 as sensitive, 29,000 as extremely sensitive, and 16,000 as highly sensitive units.

To guarantee the safety of the voters, around 650 thousand security guards have been stationed on the ground. These comprise members of the military forces, police, and civil defence. The members of the armed forces will carry out their responsibilities outside of voting places in accordance with a three-tier structure.

The Election Commission has finished setting up all of the polling places in the interim. It has finished distributing almost 260 million voting papers.

Police officers have arrived at voting places in the federal capital and will remain there overnight.

The tasks would be carried out by 6500 Islamabad Police personnel, 1000 fc, 1500 Rangers, and Pakistan Army Jawans. In the safe city, a central control centre for elections has been established.

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