government and opposition parties ought to put up with one another’s criticism. PHC magistrate

A Peshawar High Court judge has emphasized that criticism of one another must be tolerated by both the opposition and the government.

The judge said these things at a hearing on a notice that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) had sent to MNA Shandana Gulzar of the Sunni Ittehad Council. The division bench of the court, which was made up of Justices Ishtiaq Ibrahim and Waqar Ahmed, presided over the hearing.

Justice Ibrahim questioned the case’s urgency at the hearing, pointing out that Shandana Gulzar is an elected MNA.

“What exactly are these claims? He continued, saying, “How many charges do we make against each other every day? The FIA notice included claims against the state, but there was nothing in the case that had anything to do with it.

Justice Waqar Ahmed inquired as well as to know if a politician might be criticized.

Judge Ibrahim declared, “If the issues were only criticism and YouTube, then only cases related to them will remain in courts,” and he added that the opposition and the government should be able to put up with one another’s criticism.

Justice Ahmed questioned whether there would be repercussions for criticizing the provincial chief minister.

Justice Ibrahim said, “You should tolerate, and they should have tolerated it too.”

The court granted interim relief from the notice issued against Shandana Gulzar by extending the stay order to postpone the Financial Institutions Act proceedings against her in response to these conversations.

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