government will act in response to the unauthorized release of classified material on social media

Allegedly unlawful sharing of private and sensitive information on social media has drawn the attention of the federal government.

After closely observing how secret documents are publicly shown on social media, the government has determined to prosecute anyone who discloses such information and documents under the Official Secrets Act.

Spreading such information, according to Pakistan’s defense minister Khawaja Asif, might be detrimental to the country’s strategic and commercial objectives. According to him, these kinds of social media actions could seriously harm ties between friendly and fraternal nations.

Asif announced via Twitter that all those who have revealed private material will be facing charges under the Official Secrets Act of 2023 by the government.

In addition, the minister of defense threatened to impose a two-year prison sentence and fine on anyone found guilty of directly or indirectly leaking or distributing classified information or documents.

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