Habs Episode-12 Review: Finally Basit seems smitten by Ayesha

Is Ayesha really trying hard to win Basit’s attention?

Ary Digital’s drama serial Habs is one of the best in the running. It’s executed so aesthetically well that watching this play is a treat to the eyes. Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah’s crackling chemistry is the cherry on the top. In the previous episode, we have seen that despite all differences there is a ray of hope in Basit and Ayesha’s relationship. In this episode, Ayesha is trying hard and it seems that she has finally succeeded, Basit seems smitten by her.

The episode begins on a very romantic note but then all of sudden Basit wants an envelope, it is a very important letter. He asks Ayesha for that envelope but she has given all the envelopes to her mother. Basit loses his temper and yells at Ayesha.

Basit’s biggest flaw is his flip side. He loses his temper. Basit goes straight to Ayesha’s house and asks her mother about the envelopes and in a very insulting manner he tells her to keep the money as he wants only the letter. He gets the letter and leaves the envelopes with them. Bano is a girl with dignity and self-respect she thinks that she needs to return this money to Basit so that her sister won’t lose respect in his eyes.

Little does Bano knows that she also has a vile sister. Zoya is not a nice character she steals all the money from those envelopes and Bano is naive enough not even caring to check those envelopes before putting them back in her bag. Well, why Zoya’s mother and Phupho are not asking her where she has done such expensive shopping? By the way, the money Zoya gathers were all small notes they don’t seem to make a hefty amount. Feroze gives Ayesha some amount which he says she can give to her family but Ayesha’s self-respect is not allowing her to accept that amount however she has left with no choice but to remain silent.

I really loved the daughter-in-law and mother-in-law relationship it’s good to see the sisters sharing the screen. Well, one wonders why Basit is being so aloof with Ayesha. Why he is not letting her do his chores? Basit has lost his faith in womenfolk since his mother had abandoned him but him not giving Ayesha any chance is not good. Ayesha is trying hard to get close to Basit, she does the shopping for him, dresses up for him, and cooks for him just to win his attention. Well, it seems that Ayesha’s efforts will not go in vain as finally, Basit is looking at Ayesha as if he got smitten by her. We want to see more of them and love their chemistry.

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