Habs Episode-17 Review: Basit finds courage to visit his mother’s grave

Ayesha and Basit are getting close.

Habs Episode-17 Review – ARY Digital’s drama serial Habs is now 17 episodes down, the play is our favorite in the running. Performances are super brilliant and it is particularly Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah’s onscreen chemistry which lightens up the whole show. In the previous episode, we have seen that Basit is feeling remorse after his mother’s death. In this episode, it is shown that Basit pays a visit to his mother’s grave.

It is shown that Basit and Ayesha are getting close as they sleep in the same room. It is a scene of proximity where Basit is heavily sweating in the middle of the night and Ayesha is by his side to take care of him. It is the scene where we have seen Basit in the most vulnerable state but the good thing is that he confides in Ayesha by telling her that he has seen his mother in the dream.

The office dynamics are not different from what it was at the time of Ayesha. Poor Bano is becoming a victim of office politics. The same office guy who used to gossip about Ayesha is now after Bano. He corrupts Bano’s presentation file but Basit catches him doing that through CCTV footage. He begs Basit not to fire him moreover he begs Bano also to forgive him and convince the boss not to fire him. Anyways the guy is not fired but given a final warning.

Ayesha and Basit’s scenes are refreshing. Ayesha tells Basit that he needs to talk to his mother even if she is dead. Ayesha suggests Basit visit her mother’s grave and there he can talk his heart out to her. Basit takes his time to consider this idea but later he agrees to go. Basit along with Ayesha pays a visit to his mother’s grave. To be honest, Basit talking about his mother’s grave is a very heartbreaking scene. Our heart goes out to Basit when he speaks his heart out and cries at his mother’s grave.

Well we are a little disappointed that we get to see no scenes of Fahad and Bano together we so wanted to see their romance brewing, c’mon Bano deserves this. It is so saddening to see her struggling alone. Zoya gets an amazing Bari with expensive jewelry and suits. Zoya is so greedy that she is planning to pack all of them and flee with Aamir. Zoya in the middle of the night is eloping with Aamir with all the stuff when Bano catches her. Will Bano be able to stop her or will she let her go as she thinks that this proposal is not suitable for her?

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