Habs Episode-20 Review: Basit’s accident seems to have saved his relationship

Basit continues to doubt Ayesha and Fahad!

Habs Episode-20 Review – ARY Digital drama serial Habs is one of our most favorite Prime Time Watch. The play was going well till things turned ugly and the story has taken a depressing turn. The performances are all brilliant. In the previous episode, we have seen that Basit starts doubting Ayesha and he starts accusing Fahad and Ayesha are having a relationship. In this episode, Basit continues to doubt Ayesha till he meets an accident and Ayesha is taking care of him.

Bano meets Fahad to ask him to convince Basit and remove all the misunderstandings between him and Ayesha. Well, the moment to see Fahad and Bano would have excited us if things have not gone that ugly. We so wanted to see them together. Fahad has told Bano not to worry and he promises that he is going to talk with Basit and he will try to make things clear but the actual problem is that Basit is not ready to talk to him.

Well, we can’t understand why Ayesha’s character is written as such a dumb person! She meets Fahad in his car and Fahad is equally dumb why would he choose to talk with her in person when he knows that Basit is doubting them? He could have talked with her on phone but no they both choose to meet in person and that too in a car! Basit has made up his mind to divorce Ayesha.

Finally, Fahad finds Basit and he manages to convince him to listen to his side of the story. Basit is listening to Fahad’s clarifications where he is swearing upon his mother and also validating Ayesha’s character and loyalty saying that neither he nor Ayesha cannot imagine doing such a thing when out of nowhere Ayesha’s mobile phone starts ringing in Fahad’s car, that dumbo Ayesha has forgotten her phone in his car. This added fuel in Basit’s fire of doubt. He is now not ready to listen to anyone.

Basit is also broken by this and in that tension, he gets hit badly by a car. Basit gets hospitalized and he is in critical condition when Fahad and Ayesha rush into the hospital. Well, once again Ayesha has done a blunder that instead of calling Bano she prefers to stay alone with Fahad at the hospital that night. Later she behaves more sensibly and despite of being angry with Basit plays a good role of a caring wife. She is taking good care of Basit. It seems that this caring will shorten the distances which have been created between Basit and Ayesha. We want to see their reconciliation soon.

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