Habs Episode-21 and 22 Review: Basit’s heart inclines towards Ayesha

Soha makes her entry into the scene!

ARY Digital aired double episodes of the drama serial Habs this week. Although I am not a fan of double episodes these episodes are really enjoyable. It has so much to tell. Performances were as usual mind-blowing. The best part is that it has many Basit and Ayesha scenes. In the previous episode we have seen Basit getting injured and in critical condition. In these episodes, we have seen that Ayesha’s selfless care has won Basit’s heart but there are lots of ups and down in their relationship.

Ayesha is selflessly taking good care of Basit and Basit is watching all this. Then on an alternate night, Fahad comes and there he takes the best advantage of the situation and clears him and Ayesha from that baseless accusation. He tells Basit that Ayesha is just like a sister to him and he also tells him about what happened, about Zoya’s elopement, and how he tries to help Ayesha’s family out in this.

For the very first time, Basit has realized that he has wronged Ayesha and Fahad. He is now enjoying Ayesha’s company but he has no courage to ask her forgiveness. He is thinking that his relationship will casually mend. Ayesha has not forgotten the insult of how he has thrown him out of his house. She is helping Basit because being his wife is her duty.

The scene when Basit is discharged from the hospital and Ayesha is getting on a rickshaw is quite a powerful scene. Never Basit tries to ask Ayesha to come with him to her house nor he is trying to apologize. Ayesha is literally broken at Basit’s behavior. The very next day Basit sends loads and loads of followers for Ayesha with a thank you card. This gesture has not moved Ayesha but then he calls her and asks her to come home as he wants her to make soup for him.

Basit has no clue what he is doing. He has called Ayesha and on the other hand, he is discussing divorce with his lawyer uncle. Ayesha’s heart is shattered hearing this she goes back. Basit calling her, that call has left her crying is so heartbreaking our heart goes out to this couple but for that Basit has to take the step. He must have to ask for her forgiveness. However, the misunderstandings between this couple continue when Soha has made her entry back into the play, she meets Ayesha but then Ayesha is not at her best. Soha introduces herself as Basit’s friend. What role will Soha be playing in the future, we wonder positive or negative. We are desperately rooting for Ayesha and Basit.

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