Habs Episode-5 Review: As expected, Soha breaks her engagement with Basit

Habs the Ary Digital drama serial is getting stronger, it is not fast-paced but still, we are hooked to the story. Feroze Khan and Ushna Shah’s performances are phenomenal and their onscreen chemistry looks perfect. In the previous episode, Basit gets engaged with Soha. In this episode, Soha breaks her engagement with Basit leaving him in great trouble as he could not fulfill his father’s will.

Soha is really a girl who is arrogant and self-centered. One wonders why Basit is being so patient with her he should be the one who ends this relationship but no that proud Soha who gets fumed about Basit’s persistence to marry early leaves him. Her decision is so quick that has left Basit in a dilemma about what to do? He needs to get money to fulfill his company’s orders and for that, he has to fulfill his father’s will, he has to marry someone.

Has Basit shown little faith in Soha and told her the truth that why he is being so hasty to get married she might have considered helping him but now she has made this whole situation a matter of her ego. Our heart goes out to poor Basit, he does not deserve all this his father has really wronged him by making such a ridiculous will. Apart from this will we have seen that his father is actually the one who separates him from his mother?

Well, one thing is not making any sense as we have seen that Basit has heard all the conversations of his parents as a child and he knows that his mother was begging his father to let her have him but he was begging her to let him stay with him. In this whole, Basit’s mother is not the one who has willingly left him and he knows that then why he hates his mother so much? Basit and Ayesha’s encounters were the highlights of this episode.

In the scene where Basit is asking Ayesha about the presentation details that he has sent her on WhatsApp and she is just showing her phone telling him that she does not have WhatsApp. She is lucky she might lose her job but Basit happens to be a gentleman. The way she takes care of him and then later asks for the advance money, for a moment it looks like  Basit will fire her but no.

He actually helped her out and also arranges a phone for her for office use. Basit is a thorough gentleman despite going through a mental turmoil he is caring for his female staff and he makes sure that Ayesha will reach her home safely. Well, one wonders why the landlord is asking for rent for 4 months and Ayesha gets only 30 thousand, the rent in a city like Karachi for four months is just 30 thousand! Strange but a trivia. Overall good episode!

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