Habs Second Last Episode Review: Ayesha demands a divorce from Basit

Soha confesses her betrayal in front of Basit

ARY Digital’s drama serial Habs is quite close to its conclusion, this episode is its second last episode. Performances are all good but the story is not going well, it is not like how it started. The story is not making any sense. In the previous episode, we watched that Ayesha’s reaction is making no sense at all. In this episode, Ayesha demands a divorce from Basit.

Bano meets Ayesha and there Bano gets to know that it is Soha who is orchestrating Ayesha. She is the one who has told Ayesha about the deal Basit made with her mother. Bano gets why Soha is doing all this. She tries to explain this to Ayesha but she is in no mood to understand the fact one wonders why? Why Ayesha is shown to be that blind? Bano instead of telling Basit goes to meet Soha why?

Bano’s meeting with Soha opens Soha’s eyes. She starts feeling guilty. She calls Basit and on the yacht, she confesses in front of him that she started falling in love with him which is why she told Ayesha about the deal and also she wants to separate them. Out of nowhere, Ayesha appears on that Yacht one is wondering if Soha might have called her. Ayesha also realized that she has been fooled by Soha.

Soha has been forgiven by Basit but Basit has not been forgiven by Ayesha. Ayesha is literally making no sense at all, her anger should have been focused on her mother and now when Basit is so desperately begging forgiveness from her then why she is being so hardhearted? why she is not thinking about her child? Ayesha is not ready to listen to Basit she directly demands a divorce from him. And Basit finally agrees to it.

Divorce as far as I know cannot take place during pregnancy. Bano gets a well-to-do house from her new job which looks so unrealistic which job offers accommodation at the beginning level plus Bano is giving expressions as if it is now owned by them, absurd. Zoya goes to meet Amir but his mother does not let her meet him. Ayesha’s mother goes to meet Ayesha with Bano, and Ayesha finally forgives her. If Ayesha forgives her mother then she should have forgiven Basit too. The ending scene is in the lawyer’s room where Ayesha is signing divorce papers but the lawyer asks her to reconsider as now her child is also involved in this matter. What will Ayesha decide? She must forgive Basit!

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