Hajj 2024: Training’s second phase will start on April 15

Forty Hajj trainers will offer instruction on new projects and Hajj-related topics at 122 locations throughout Pakistan, according to the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony.

It would be made certain that each prospective pilgrim is fully educated about administrative issues and Hajj rituals, ensuring consistency and discipline throughout devotion.

Ten days prior to the start of Hajj flights, all pilgrims in camps must have the requisite immunisation.

Pilgrims will receive an ihram belt, a suitcase, a hand-carry bag, a shoe bag, and a green scarf featuring the Pakistani flag.

The flying schedule for the Hajj will be revealed following Eidul Fitr. This year’s Hajj flights are scheduled to run from May 9 to June 9.

It will be required of all aspiring pilgrims to have a smartphone so they can use helpful mobile applications to get assistance while performing the Hajj.

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