Hajj Training Workshop: Special Arrangements Made For Guidance Of Hajj Rituals

The Hajj pilgrims have been exhorted by Caretaker Minister for Religious Affairs Aneeq Ahmed to show that they are civilised citizens by acting in a way that upholds the reputation of their nation in Saudi Arabia.

During his speech at the first Hajj Training Workshop in Hyderabad, he also asked pilgrims to offer extra prayers at the Arafat field for the nation’s stability and security.

Special plans have been created for administrative training and the supervision of Hajj ceremonies in the Hajj Training Workshops.

For every pilgrim doing the Hajj, the training is required. Compared to previous years, pilgrims are receiving greater Hajj amenities this year. In addition to lowering the cost of the Hajj, a unique smartphone app has been developed for pilgrims’ assistance.

Every pilgrim will receive a free briefcase and a mobile phone Sim from the Ministry of Religious Affairs, while women pilgrims will also receive a free abaya.

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