Horror game by Krafton is The Bird That Drinks Tears on steroids

A horror game inspired by Korean novel The Bird That Drinks Tears is in the works courtesy of Krafton, and the latest trailer is really quite something.

Krafton’s horror game adaption of The Bird That Drinks Tears looks to take the fantasy series to the next level, with the all-new concept trailer dripping with blood, guts, and gore. Strap in folks, if you’re squeamish this isn’t the article for you.

Lee Yeongdo’s four-part fantasy series transports readers to a fantasy universe featuring dragons, eagles, and tigers. Beneath this veneer of wonder, however, there’s a twisted tale that Krafton are looking to explore in their new video game-adaption of the series.

The new visual concept trailer (entitled “The Nhaga Eater”) shows off a barbarian-style character that presumably is the novel’s prime antagonist, Kagan Draka. While he is human, his prey isn’t – as his nickname suggests, he kills and eats Nhaga, female water Goddesses.

At the start of the trailer we see Draka behead one of these deities, but her head still maintains function post-decapitation. Placed amid two other dismembered heads, the trailer appears to play backwards from the Nhaga’s perspective, showing watery visages of Draka decapitating and slaughtering her colleagues, who now lie strewn across the forest floor, lifeless.

As the trailer closes out, we see the Nhaga beheaded once more with Draka warning “like the seasons, death will return.” Did I mention this game was pretty gory, by the way?

Krafton are still referring to the game as an ‘unannounced project,’ meaning that any substantial details about release (and maybe even a name) are pretty far off. Either way, the game does look pretty amazing – but it isn’t for those of a more delicate disposition.

Lee Yeongdo’s novel started out on an internet forum site, before being picked up and published. Yeongdo is best known for the Dragon Raga series, as well as The Bird That Drinks Tears and The Bird That Drinks Blood (Tears’ sequel).

As Korean culture continues to conquer the West with the likes of Squid Game and K-Pop, it’s no surprise that Krafton have chosen a Korean novel as their inspiration. If it’s half as good as the books, this game certainly could be a winner, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Until then, you can check out our list of the best fantasy games on PC (they’re probably a lot less violent). Also, Draka’s name comes from ‘dragon,’ so here are the best dragon games on PC, too.

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