How can you protect your privacy on WhatsApp?

The meta-owned instant messaging app, WhatsApp, Wednesday shared multiple layers of security to protect privacy.

In a thread shared on its official Twitter handle, the instant messaging app shared that end-to-end encryption is the foundation for all privacy features.

“Every personal message sent on WhatsApp is automatically encrypted, protected and private,” it said, adding that only the person sending the message and the person you’re messaging can see what is sent and not even WhatsApp can read your personal messages.

Among new features is to leave groups silent. Under this new feature if the user leaves a group only the group admin will be notified unlike previously when notifications were received by all members of the group.

“This means you can decide when to make a quiet exit — without everyone knowing,” it said.

Moreover, the Meta-owned app is planning to roll out two new features, which include:

  • Online presence puts you in control of who can and can’t see when you’re online
  • Screenshot blocking for view once means your photos and videos will be protected from screenshots

WhatsApp, in the thread, also answered the most-asked question “what happens when your personal messages get backed up on the cloud?”

“Turn on encrypted backups to extend the security of end-to-end encryption to messages saved on your iCloud or Google Drive,” it said suggesting a possible solution to the problem.

One of the other privacy options is two-step verification. This second layer of protection makes your account extra secure. You choose a pin that is required when someone logs into your account from a new device.

Moreover, if the user wants, he or she can block contacts from messaging with just a few taps.

Among other options for additional privacy are:

  • Disappearing messages
  • Default message timer for all your new chats 

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