I experienced harassment from a renowned director: Nadia Jamil

During an episode of the ‘Say It All’ podcast, Nadia Jamil revealed that she had experienced harassment from a renowned director, whom she is currently unwilling to identify.

“Indeed, I experienced harassment in the entertainment sector, perpetrated by a highly renowned director,” she disclosed to the host.

The actor ‘Damsa’ stated that she has been highly discerning in her recent project choices to prevent herself from encountering a comparable predicament, as it is seen unworthy.

“Jamil revealed that he declined to work on a project after learning that Nomi Bhai (Naumaan Ijaz) was also involved in it,” Jamil disclosed. “I find it unwise to expose myself to situations where I am surrounded by individuals who exhibit toxic behavior.” It is advisable to avoid them.

“I have never given him a name, but upon reflection, I realise that I should have.” If I did not intervene, he would persist in engaging in the same behaviour with numerous other ladies, which is morally incorrect. “I intend to do so, but I am currently waiting for the opportune moment when my sons mature and outgrow their anger. They are still in their youth and not yet equipped to handle this situation,” she clarified.

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