“I had a very ordinary face,” Sadaf Kanwal acknowledges having cosmetic surgery.

In an exclusive interview with a digital media outlet, supermodel-turned-actor Sadaf Kanwal revealed that, although she wasn’t thought to have a beautiful face when she was younger, she eventually changed her appearance by grooming herself and making some changes after learning about social media, particularly Instagram.

Kanwal thought that actor Maya Ali is too thin and should put on a few pounds, while movie star Mehwish Hayat and A-list actor Hamza Ali Abbasi should focus on improving their own weight. Additionally, she shared a few pieces of advice for other celebrities.

She stated that there is nothing Mahira and Fawad Khan need to change because they already look great.

Kanwal acknowledged that she used to smoke but has since given it up at another point in the video. You have no business knowing if a woman smokes or not. She is determined to accomplish her goals. Your daughter or sister is not. Her life is this. “Stop doing this,” she warned the social media users. “Just because you can access someone’s Instagram, you are ripping people to shreds.”

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