IMF urges Pakistani crypto trading regulation: sources

During the conference, the ongoing economic negotiations between Pakistan and the IMF progressed towards their final stage. Sources revealed that the initial components of the new loan program were deliberated, along with the regulation of bitcoin and other kinds of online trading.

Insiders have disclosed that the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is insisting on the regulation of cryptocurrency and other forms of online trading. Additionally, the IMF is calling for these activities to be subject to taxation in order to generate additional cash for the reserves.

During the meeting, the participants addressed the plan for privatizing the listed institutions. It was emphasized that the privatization of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) is a major priority.

Based on the sources, an agreement has been reached to address the issue of revolving credit in the power sector. Pakistan will take measures to prevent any further increase in revolving credit in the energy sector.

According to sources, Pakistan and the IMF have struck an agreement to limit the amount of revolving credit in the power industry. The goal is to prevent an increase in revolving credit within the energy sector.

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