Imran Khan is expected to be arrested by Lahore police in many May 9 instances.

Imran Khan, the founder of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), will be detained by the Lahore Police in relation to seven charges involving the events of May 9. This is an important move.

The former prime minister will be subject to arrest warrants in these instances, according to sources inside the joint investigative team (JIT) looking into the May 9 crimes.

The choice to detain the PTI founder was made in the midst of continuing inquiries into a number of May 9 occurrences. According to sources, the JIT is expected to get authorization from the court to make the arrest shortly.

This action highlights the seriousness of the accusations made against Imran Khan and shows how committed law enforcement is to seeing cases involving the events of May 9 through to the end. Information about the particulars of the cases and the proof against the PTI founder has not yet been made public.

Planned repeat of May 9: Naqvi
Mohsin Naqvi, the acting chief minister of Punjab, has stated that political parties have the right to protest and that their right should not be restricted.

He went on to say that instances similar to the ones on May 9 were prearranged in the previous few days and that they would receive twice as much attention. Naqvi emphasised, “We will not allow incidents like May 9 to happen again.”

Then he issued a warning to individuals not to turn to these kinds of situations.

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