In Islamabad, fictitious police steal from foreign nationals

The woman was stopped for checking by two individuals who seemed to be police officials, and they stole £500 and other valuables from her.

The woman, a foreign national, was stopped by fictitious police officers who, according to sources, were not dressed in costume.

More investigation is being conducted. Later, officers from the Kohsar Police Station arrived at the scene of the incident.

A security guard stationed in the G-6/4 neighborhood of Islamabad is accused of sexually assaulting a foreign woman in a different incident.

A security officer who was called in to protect a woman who was not a citizen of the United States raped her and ran away, according to a police report filed with the Abbpara station.

Subsequently, the individual suspected of raping the foreign national in Islamabad was allegedly taken into custody by the federal police.

Muhammad Safeer, the accused, was employed by a private company as a security guard, according to the then-IG of Islamabad, Dr. Akbar Nasir Khan.

The foreign national was sexually assaulted on June 6 by the detained culprit, who then left the scene, according to the Information and Governance (IG) of Islamabad. “The Aabpara police station received a complaint against the accused,” he continued.

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