In Karachi, load shedding annoys the public and ruins the sacrificed meat.

It has been reported that the people living in the load-shedding-free zone of North Nazimabad Block Q in Karachi are also experiencing blackouts.

There is a 100 percent billing from the region, according to the residents, but K-Electric is implementing unexpected load shedding because of “kunda,” or unauthorised electrical connections, in the nearby Katchi abadis.

“We paid high bills for illegal connections in the area, so why are we penalised for them?” the locals questioned.

Also, they claimed that the sacrificed meat had rotted as a result of protracted power outages. One of the residents insisted on getting the spoilt meat and having the electricity supply restored.

Before, angry residents assaulted the K-Electric (KE) customer service facility on Karachi’s Abul Hassan Isphani Road, expressing their frustration with the ongoing load shedding.

Swearing and throwing stones at the customer service centre, which broke glass, the demonstrators shouted criticism of K-Electric.

Karachi residents, who are calling for an end to the regular load shedding, staged the march in response to the city’s deteriorating power problem. A severe traffic delay resulted from the protesters’ blocking of both lanes of the street.

Afterwards, the K-Electric employees left the protestors to express their rage, abandoning their office and running away.

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