In Punjab, incidents involving kite flying kill two more people.

Despite a ban, the violent sport of kite flying is nevertheless practiced in a number of Punjabi cities, as seen by the deaths of two boys on Sunday in Sargodha and Pattoki.

In Sargodha’s Jhal Chakiyan area, a young child was electrocuted while attempting to use an iron rod to catch a wayward kite.

In the second incident, an eight-year-old child named Ali Raza perished in Jagowala village near Pattoki after he fell from his house’s roof while flying a kite.

Despite a police crackdown on those who violate the rules, kite flying-related fatalities have occurred in recent months, primarily as a result of chemically coated twine.

The event in Faisalabad

A teenage biker in the Samanabad neighborhood of Faisalabad was killed a few days ago by kite string. Asif Ashfaq, 22, was struck by kite twine at Novelty Bridge, resulting in a heartbreaking occurrence. A few minutes after being stabbed with twine, he passed away.

Dr. Usman Anwar, the Inspector General of Punjab, observed the incident and requested a comprehensive report from the Faisalabad regional police office (RPO).

The district administration and police were instructed to apprehend the violators by Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz. She offered the police a 48-hour window in which to act.

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