In the contentious Twitter case, Azam Swati receives an extension of temporary bail.

Azam Swati, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI), has been granted temporary bail in the contentious tweet case till May 15 by Special Judge Central Islamabad.

Today, the case against Azam Swati was heard by Special Judge Central Hamayun Dilawar.

Judge Hamayun Dilawar issued orders throughout the proceedings to keep the courtroom orderly and to prevent congestion.

Ali Bukhari reaffirmed that the attorneys in attendance were junior associates rather than members of the International Legal Foundation (ILF).

The court ordered that all other solicitors should stay seated and that only those solicitors tasked with making the case’s arguments should be actively involved.

After putting up his case, Bukhari said that Azam Swati’s bail was given out on the basis of merit.

But after being given bail, Prosecutor Rizwan Abbasi said that Swati had abused the court’s relaxation and called him a scoundrel. In order to give his client more time to look into the problem, Abbasi asked the court for more time.

As a result, the Special Judge Central extended the interim bail until May 15.

I’m not familiar with PTI’s situation: Azam Khan

Speaking to the reporters outside the Judicial Complex, Azam Swati explained that he was unaware of any PTI agreements.
He emphasised that he was a party to the ongoing legal actions brought against him.

The head of the PTI argued that justice and the rule of law are crucial safeguards for government institutions.

For the security and advancement of the country, Swati underlined how crucial it is for every institution and individual to uphold the law and the constitution.

Claiming that the polls conducted on February 8 were manipulated, he denounced the members of the Assemblies chosen through Form-47 and recommended that they resign from their positions in accordance with moral principles and ethics.

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