Independent courts and the media are essential to a healthy democracy: PBC

The PBC stated in a statement released today that “these foundational principles are integral to a vibrant democracy and are essential for the protection of fundamental rights and the rule of law.”

The statement claims that PBC Chairman Farooq Hamid Naek and Vice Chairman Riazat Ali Sahar have voiced their worries about threats and obstacles against the basic rights of professional journalists who are carrying out their tasks within the legal system.

In line with their professional responsibilities, the statement stated, “The council condemns the move to suppress the free and independent journalism voice, through ulterior motives, which is violation of constitutional rights as enshrined in the Constitution, i.e. rights to freedom of speech and expression under Article 19.”

The PBC stated, however, that it is crucial to make clear that, even while media freedom is crucial, there is a fine balance that needs to be upheld to stop the spread of nefarious and defamatory campaigns.

It stated, “No one, including members of the media, should be allowed to partake in unethical behavior or make unfounded accusations, especially against distinguished judges of the Superior Judiciary.”

The council went on to say that it is imperative that judges be able to carry out their responsibilities in an unbiased manner, free from any bias or interference, and strictly in accordance with the law and the principles of justice.

“The Pakistan Bar Council remains vigilant in its efforts to defend the independence of the judiciary and the freedom of expression, and it will continue to monitor developments closely and take all necessary steps to uphold these fundamental principles,” the statement concluded.

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