Iqbal requests Chinese assistance in completing hydropower projects.

For the early completion of the Azad Pattan and Kohala hydropower projects, Planning Minister Ahsan Iqbal has consistently urged China’s participation.

Iqbal met with the head of China’s National Energy Administration on Friday, according to the details. Choosing clean and renewable energy sources to increase the energy mix’s diversity was decided upon this time.

Phase II of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is built around the green corridor. Projects played a key role in managing the electricity crisis during CPEC Phase I.

“The government is looking to go for reforms in the power sector,” Iqbal explained.

“It is the topmost priority to ensure the protection of the Chinese citizens, who are working in Pakistan,” he continued.

Iqbal informs Chinese corporations of Pakistan’s power sector’s issues.

Iqbal gave the Chinese corporations a separate briefing on the difficulties facing Pakistan’s electricity sector.

During his travel to China, Iqbal reportedly met with the chief executives of three prominent Chinese enterprises that specialize in power distribution and transmission.

Iqbal gave the Chinese firms an overview of the difficulties facing Pakistan’s power industry, with a focus on transmission losses in particular.

Chinese businesses were invited to support the federal minister in implementing creative and technical solutions.

The team from Pakistan was given an overview of the Chinese companies’ power transmission competence.

Next week, while they are in Beijing, Chinese experts are scheduled to have a meeting with officials from Pakistan’s power industry.

Chinese corporations will be collecting comprehensive data about Pakistan’s electricity sector in the meantime.

During their visit to Beijing next week, Chinese specialists will also have meetings with the federal ministries of petroleum and energy.

Chinese businesses intend to investigate the persistent problems in Pakistan’s electricity industry.

They are going to Pakistan as well, to interact with pertinent parties.

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