Ishaq Dar Addresses The Media In Lahore: The PTI Chief’s Letter Won’t Affect the Process; An Agreement Will Be Made With The IMF

A agreement with the IMF will be reached, according to former federal minister Ishaq, and the Coalition Parties have been contacted in this respect.
Ishaq Dar gave assurances to the media at a Punjab Assembly meeting that the programme will not be impacted by Tehreek-e-Insaf’s letter to the IMF.
The announcement made by Tehreek-e-Insaf’s founder to write a letter to the IMF, he claimed, is both unfortunate and abhorrent. He claimed that the PTI Chief is putting the nation’s security at risk in order to further his personal agenda.

Ishaq Dar declared that the party leaders will choose the next Finance Minister and that he is not a contender for Caretaker Prime Minister.
He stated that the speaker’s role is to take an oath on the first day, not to issue production orders to anyone. He stated that the members would have spoken in the House after taking the oath, which the Speaker ought to have administered following the reading of the Holy Quran.
He added that the Speaker of the Punjab Assembly arrived at the meeting two hours late. It is not the first time that the house has had a small quorum, according to Ishaq Dar.
Dar stated that the seats that have been withheld had to have had a legitimate basis.

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