It’s International Women’s Day today.

Pakistan, like many other nations throughout the world, is commemorating International Women’s Day on Friday, or today.

To emphasize the significance of the day and the sacrifices made by those who battled for women’s rights in the face of overwhelming odds and adversity, women’s rights organizations and civil society will host seminars and discussions.

The speakers will honor the courageous women who contributed to the Pakistan Movement and the nation’s progress following its founding.

Without women’s economic empowerment and involvement in managing government issues, a nation cannot advance at an exponential rate.

Pakistan’s female population was 48.54 percent in 2018, according to World Bank data, demonstrating a sizable demographic presence.

As per Digital Portal, the proportion of women in the population has experienced a notable surge, rising from 31.1 million in 1974 to 119 million in 2023, representing 49.6% of the total population.

Although 65 percent of women between the ages of 15 and 25 are literate, only 20.65 percent of them are employed, underscoring the need for improvements in this area.

Pakistan’s Vision 2025 emphasizes five facets of women’s empowerment, in accordance with the UNFPA: their rights, choices, opportunities, and influence on societal change.

In many fields, including sports, media, entrepreneurship, politics, the military, and bureaucracy, Pakistani women have made great strides.

They have also significantly aided in their nation’s development. With reserved seats for women in the National Assembly and a remarkable 22 percent representation, Pakistan is among the most progressive countries in the Muslim world when it comes to women’s political participation.

Furthermore, women have attained prominent roles in the armed forces and won recognition throughout the globe for their indispensable contributions to UN peacekeeping missions.

Pakistani women have demonstrated their achievements that transcend national boundaries by making a substantial global impact in a variety of sectors, including the arts, exploration, and law.

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