Jhok Sarkar Episode-22 Review: ASP Arsalaan is suspended by inquiry committee over Mukhtara’s murder

  • Peeral puts the whole blame of Mukhtara’s murder on ASP Arsalaan

HUM TV drama serial Jhok Sarkar is now 22 episodes down, and the story could be concluded. Farhan Saeed is nailing his character ASP Arsalaan with his power-packed performance. Other performances are also on point. In the previous episode, Peeral killed Mukhtara through his man by poisoning him in Jail. In this episode, Peeral puts the whole blame for Mukhtara’s murder on ASP Arsalaan. He gets suspended by the murder inquiry committee.

ASP Arsalaan had gone on leave to attend his sister’s wedding when Mukhatara was killed in the Shor Kot Thana. He is so disappointed when he gets the news of Mukhatara’s murder on his arrival. He snubs Police Officer Ramazan of Shor Kot for his negligence. He orders Mukhatara’s postmortem and they also figure out that Kalu Mashiqi is behind this murder but he has successfully flees off somewhere.

Peeral is now all set to cash this situation to his interest and it is the best time for him to get rid of ASP Arsalaan so he files an FIR against ASP Arsalaan for murdering his special man. He also gathered people of the village and ordered them to create riots in front of the Police station. He wants to put pressure on the police department. An inquiry committee has been set for ASP Arsalaan about the Mukhtara murder case.

Jahan Daad was also called in by the inquiry committee and he was asked certain questions regarding ASP Arsalaan as expected he replied to them in the interest of Peeral and all his replies were going against the credibility of ASP Arsalan. Shor Kot Officer Ramzan has also been called and investigated. ASP Arsalaan has also been cross-questioned. He tried to give all the satisfactory replies.

ASP Arsalaan the way he backs up his Police force whose morale is down speaks volumes about his courage. He has a solid character and the way he gives a motivational speech telling his men that even if we have rusted weapons our courage and our emotions must not be rusted. Well, it is so heartbreaking to see an inquiry report going against such an honest police officer. ASP Arsalan along with police officer Ramazan and SHO Asghar has been suspended because they failed to satisfy the inquiry committee. They are suspended for their negligence. It seems that Peeral and Meeral have succeeded in their plan and honest ASP Arsalaan has been punished for confronting the aristocracies of Jhok Siyaal. Will ASP Arsalaan be able to prove himself in front of his superiors?

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