Jhok Sarkar Episode-3 Review: Noori agrees to marry Peeral but she has set certain conditions

  • Quite an engaging story line

Hum TV drama serial Jhok Sarkar is one mega project having colors of South Punjab, a solid storyline, and some power-packed performances. Asif Raza Mir as Peeral has such a strong scene presence. Farhan Saeed is also nailing his character as ASP Arsalaan. In the previous episode, we have seen that Peeral has his eyes set on Noori and he has made up his mind to marry her. In this episode Noori finally agrees to marry him but at certain conditions.

Noori is traumatized by Peeral’s proposal when the maid tells her that it is the best solution for her. In this way, she can rule the haveli and also Shoukat’s life will be spared. Noori starts contemplating the thought of it because all she wants now is Shoukat’s safety. Moreover she is further traumatized by Meeral’s sudden entry into her room at night in an intoxicated state of mind.

Noori is terrified to death on seeing Meeral badly eyeing her he could have done something wrong with her but Munshi gets Meeral on time. We already have the impression from the previous episode that Meeral has eyes on Noori as well but little does Meeral knows that his father has already set his eyes on her. After this episode, Noori makes up her mind to marry Peeral but she has set certain conditions.

Peeral who has already lost his heart to Noori, is ready to accept all her conditions. The foremost condition is the safety of Shaukat. She wants him to banish him safely to a far-flung area. Peeral agrees to all the conditions. The fuss that Zulekha creates on hearing about Noori and Peeral’s marriage and then the first wife’s lunatic laugh at her misery is giving goosebumps. It seems that Karma has hit Zulekha the way she has snatched Peeral from his first wife, someone is now replacing her.

Arsalan is coming to Jhok Sial. His last breakup meeting is so heartbreaking I love the flow of the dialogue again beautiful writing by Hashim Nadeem. Shoukat has been released from the Police station and he is on the railway station as per Noori’s condition. However, Meeral and his goons get hold of Shoukat and they have resolute to penalize him in their own way. Well, the question arises does Peeral knows about Meeral getting Shoukat or it is not something in his knowledge? The ending scenes are simply bone-chilling where Meeral tells Shoukat to run and then opens up his dogs on him. Quite an engaging storyline.

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