Jhok Sarkar Episode-5 Review: Meeral is now eyeing Sassi

  • Meeral’s path crosses with ASP Arsalan

Jhok Sarkar the drama serial airing on Hum TV has become our favorite Prime Time Watch. Performances are all brilliant, particularly Asif Raza Mir’s screen presence outshines everyone. In the previous episode, we saw Peeral bringing Noori to the Haveli as his third wife. In this episode, it is shown that Meeral has set his eyes on Sassi.

The opening scene of this episode is where ASP Arsalan has been attacked by some goons wondering if Meeral has sent those goons or not. Anyways Arsalan has defended himself quite well. Arsalan is on his mission to bring betterment to his division.

Noori tells Peeral about Zulekha’s confronting her. The dialogues are so well written. I think the play is not set in modern times as the phone sets used in these plays depict the 80s or 90s era not seen people using mobile phones. The dialogues between Noori and Peeral are so powerful that’s the beauty of Hashim Nadeem’s writing. Poor Noori is so worried for Shaukat that she has no idea that her lover has been killed by Meeral.

Peeral has married Noori but he has not fulfilled her wishes and conditions. It seems Peeral knows that Meeral has killed Shaukat or is it Peeral’s hand in killing him? Peeral certainly not letting Noori’s parents meet her. Saasi goes to meet Noori at her Haveli where Meeral sees Saasi and he has set his eyes on her. Meeral’s intentions are certainly not good he is now making Saasi brother his chosen guy and showering him with bounties and money. We are waiting for the moment when Saasi’s path crosses with ASP Arsalan’s and let’s see how their chemistry goes.

Peeral invites ASP Arsalan to his Haveli for lunch but ASP Arsalan declines his invite. Peeral is not happy with ASP Arsalan’s entry into Jhok Sial as he does not want any sort of disturbance in his rule. He rules his people by cashing on their fear of him and his slave mentality. It seems that ASP Arsalan will be going to be a hurdle for him in the future. The ending scene shows ASP Arsalan’s path crosses with Meeral’s. One wonders how their encounter will go. Peeral is of the view that he should handle Arsalan with sane-headedness but Meeral is too hot-headed, let’s see how their encounter goes.

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