Jhoom Episode-11 and 12 Review: Aryaan is happy as he has almost fulfilled the condition Sherry has set

  • Mahvish join hands with Sherry to sabotage Aryaan and Maryam’s relationship

7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial Jhoom is 12 episodes down and it is one of the most engaging drama serials in the running. Performances are all impressive, and it seems that Haroon Kadwani is improving too. In the previous episode, we have seen that despite all odds Aryaan successfully landed a job. In this week’s episodes, it is shown that Aryaan has almost completed Sherry’s condition.

Mahvish who was already been skeptical about Aryaan after seeing his bike. She finds him on the Highway when her own car broke down. Aryaan offers Mahvish a ride and Sherry’s friends are smart enough to film the clip of Mahvish and Aryaan riding on the bike. Sherry shows that video clip to his sister seeding doubts in her mind. Maryam is being too childish but here being older than Aryaan she has her set of insecurities and it makes sense.

Mahvish goes to the orphanage of his father along with Aryaan to celebrate the birthday of an orphan child. Aryaan on this occasion distributed tabs among all the children which makes Mahvish curious about Aryaan and his background. She wonders why Aryaan has joined her office when he is so well off. Maryam’s friend Marhab who was also a class fellow of Mahvish tells her all about the love story of Maryam and Aryaan and also told her about Sherry’s condition.

Well after knowing all this Mahvish should not need to visit Aryaan’s house but she does. There she comes to know that Aryaan belongs to an affluent family and his father is a renowned psychiatrist but while searching and going through the family pictures she sees Touqeer and Shehla’s picture too. By the way who keeps their ex’s pictures framed on the wall when he knows that his son might get offended? Strange! Mahvish when knows that Shehla is the mother of Aryaan she leaves the place immediately.

Touqeer seems to be a gem of a person the way he deals with his ex-husband speaks volumes about his character. Mahvish is extremely upset she in her grudges thinks that it is her father and Shehla who has planted Aryaan in her office. She is so mean and vile that she is resolute that she will make Aryaan’s life hell and for that, she joins hands with Sherry! Poor Aryaan is happy that he has almost fulfilled the condition Sherry has set for him, little he knows that his own lady boss is creating further obstacles in the way of his love. Interesting!

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