Jhoom Episode-3 and 4 Review: Maryam eventually succumbs to Aryaan’s passion

Sherry might create trouble in Maryam and Aryaan’s relationship

Jhoom, a Geo Entertainment drama serial is 4 episodes down. So far we have seen romance growing between Dr Maryam Ikram and Aryaan. Zara Noor Abbas is looking absolutely awesome but Haroon’s performance seems short at certain places he needs to work on his dialogue delivery. Well, being his debut drama he is not that bad. In the previous episode, we have seen Aryaan gets attracted by Dr. Maryam.

It is evident that the angry young man is headed to heal in love with the caring gorgeous Dr. Maryam Ikram. Dr Maryam too feels a kind of attraction towards that young man but she shuns all such ideas in her head by thinking that she is older than him. Aryaan tries to get close to Dr Maryam, when he calls her she tells him that he is just like her younger brother on which Aryaan’s friend makes fun of him.

Aryaan’s friend is more enthusiastic than Aryaan he tells him not to lose hope, he says what if he treats her like her younger brother? The important thing is that he doesn’t consider his sister. Sam is too eager that he on Valentine’s Day sends Dr Mariyam a bunch of red flowers on Aryaan’s behalf. At this point, I am a bit disappointed by the writer for penning such cliched romantic scenes.

Well, Maryam is not ready to accept that bouquet, she is of the view that she is not desperate enough to have an affair with a younger boy plus she also has a past. Maryam calls Aryaan at a cafe so that she can politely reject him but Aryaan wins her heart with his passion, and charms and claims that he loves her despite all the differences they have. Dr. Maryam becomes speechless she has too succumbed to Aryaan’s passion.

Dr. Maryam’s only concern is Sherry, she is worrying how is Sherry going to respond to this relationship. Little poor Maryam knows that they both hate each other. Sherry is quite an unhinged character the way he is about to commit suicide and then lose a hefty bet on that seems too absurd. He is so mean that he steals jewelry from her sister’s wardrobe. Sherry has no feelings for her sister, he is not caring like the way she cares for her brother. There seems no chance Sherry going to accept Aryaan for her. What will be the future of Aryaan and Maryam’s relationship? One wonders if is Aryaan really in love with Maryam or if it’s just an infatuation. Interesting buildup.

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