Jhoom Episode-5 and 6 Review: Sherry is creating troubles in Aryaan and Mariyam’s relationship

Mariyam shares with Aryaan about her troubling past

7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial Jhoom episodes 5 and 6 were quite a roller coaster, full of emotional scenes. The performances are all superb. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Dr. Mariyam eventually succumbed to Aryaan’s passion. In these episodes, it is shown that Sherry is creating troubles in Aryaan and Mariyam’s relationship and he may become a reason for their breakup.

The opening scene of episode 5 is a fantastic fight sequence between Aryaan and Sherry. By the way, it is quite clear that Sherry has opened the door so he might be Mariyam’s brother but Aryaan is so hot-headed that he has not thought twice and starts fighting. The fighting scene is quite well shot, they are fighting badly when Mariyam comes in between and tells Aryaan to leave Sherry as he is her brother.

Aryaan has not taken the time to tell Mariyam that Sherry is the same guy who had shot Tina. Mariyam is shocked to the core she cannot believe her ears. She tries to ask Sherry but he simply denies it. The sane thing Mariyam does is that she shows Sherry’s picture to Tina and asks her is the same guy. Tina affirms that he is the guy. Mariyam calls the Police herself and lets her brother get arrested.

Sherry is too furious to know that his own sister has handed him to the Police custody not only him but his friends too. Sherry’s friend who is very influenced arranges for their timely bail. Sherry is resolute that he will make Aryaan’s life hell. Aryaan is broken on Mariyam taking her brother’s side but he brightens up when he hears from Sam that Mariyam has handed her brother to the Police. He is once again madly in love with Mariyam and we see they share a great chemistry.

Mariyam tells Aryaan about her troubling past and how her father used to be an abusive person which gives us an idea why Sherry is like that. She also tells him about his ex-fiance and why she left him. It was also a very terrifying tale she was nearly kidnapped and his fiance just left to save his life. We have seen Sherry being diplomatic, Mariyam invites Dr Touqeer and Aryaan to her place surprisingly Sherry behaves quite well with everyone but then all of a sudden he mentions Aryaan being admitted to a mental asylum a few years back shocking Mariyam and everyone. Sherry will indeed not going to let Aryaan and Mariyam unite.

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