Jhoom Episode-7 and 8 Review: Sherry is sabotaging Aryaan’s struggle to get a job

Javaid Shaikh also makes an entry in Episode 8

The 7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial Jhoom is 8 episodes down and the story has taken interesting turns. The story is well written and well executed but in a few places I find Haroon Kadwani’s performance being short, he needs to work on his articulation. In the previous episodes, we have seen Sherry posing to be a caring brother but in reality, he is on his own revenge game with Aryaan.

Sherry has laid a condition that Aryaan should do a proper job and will not meet Mariam for at least three months. Aryaan is on the verge of losing his temper he is not ready to accept Sherry’s condition. Sherry is posing as if he is being a very caring brother who is concerned for his sister but in reality, Sherry is on his own revenge game with Aryaan.

Aryaan is too upset and furious that he is even ignoring Mariam’s calls. Mariam on the other hand is too worried for Aryaan her world has turned upside down with Sherry’s whimsical conditions. Mariam is the one who tries her best to convince Aryaan to follow what Sherry is saying. Aryaan for a moment doubts Mariam but then his friend Saim convinces him that for Mariam he should do what Sherry has asked.

Aryaan agrees to follow Sherry’s condition. Mariam and Aryaan’s scene at the beach is so well shot it depicts their beautiful and romantic relationship, the proximity shown is bold but realistic keeping in mind the young romances. Well, Sherry has no intentions to unite Aryaan and Mariam. Sherry is making sure that he creates as many hurdles in Aryaan’s way to find a job as he can. Aryaan on the other hand is too excited to get a job, he has the expertise so he is quite confident that he will land a good job.

To Aryaan’s surprise, the first job opportunity lets him down. The second chance he gets in another company there the hiring staff seems too impressed with Aryaan’s expertise but out of nowhere they get Aryaan’s mental health certificate where his history is mentioned and of course, it is none other than Sherry who is sabotaging Aryaan’s struggles to find a better job. Aryaan on his way back home in frustration finds a boy running towards his bike and there he meets a gentleman played by Javaid Shaikh who runs an orphanage. Aryaan is a bit impressed by the setup and it seems like he may visit them again. We see Zainab Qayyum’s character too on a hospital bed if I am not wrong she is Aryaan’s real mother. What is her connection with that orphanage owner? Interesting Buildup!

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