Jhoom Episode-9 and 10 Review: Despite all odds Aryaan finally manages to get a job

  • Sherry has tried his best to create hurdles for Aryaan to get a job

7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial Jhoom has moved to its 10th episode. Hashim Nadeem’s writing plus the execution of the play makes it a treat to watch. As far as performances are concerned Haroon Kadwani needs to work hard but we can see he is improving, Zara Noor Abbas is looking awesome and Haris Waheed rocks as Sherry. In the previous episode, we have seen Sherry sabotaging Aryaan’s struggles to find a job.

It is shown that Aryaan’s mother is the wife of Isfandyar Khan the owner of the orphanage. Aryaan’s mother is now a cancer patient and she is struggling with a battle of life. She has a very loving relationship with her husband but she seems to regret her past too. Isfandyar Khan also suggests she meet Touqeer so that she can come out of that guilt but she is too scared to face him or Aryaan.

Aryaan’s mother has remorse for leaving her son as well as she is also regretting that she has kinda snatched Khan from her daughter Mahvish. The guilt is not letting her be in peace. Isfandyar’s daughter from his first wife Mahvish is not on good terms with her stepmother as well as her own father, she lives with her maternal uncle and runs a company of her own.

Isfandyar suggests Aryaan join Mahvish’s office. He is wondering why she would consider him when she has no good terms with her father so why would his reference work? Aryaan is amazed to see that Mavish is quite professional, he is marveling at the whole manufacturing setup and he is giving his best. Maryam is ecstatic when she hears about Aryaan landing a job successfully. Sherry is there to sabotage even this struggle of Aryaan as well. He tries his best that Aryaan loses this chance as well.

Sherry uses the same tactic of sending Aryaan’s medical history to Mahvish who is about to make Aryaan leave the job but a good employee of Mahvish has given him a piece of advice not to lose Aryaan as he is a very productive and dedicated employee. Secondly, he points out Aryaan’s honesty and that he has not denied the reports where he could. Aryaan’s position is restored and this is not digested well by Sherry and her friends. Sherry and his friends won’t let Aryaan live in peace. It is shown that a few weeks have passed and Aryaan has almost partially finished Sherry’s given condition and is on the way to getting Maryam. Interesting Buildup!

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