JI wants to revoke IPP agreements and remove the slab system from power bills.

“The country is paying capacity charges for electricity price,” JI Ameer Hafiz Naeem ur Rehman stated in a Lahore media interview. According to the head of JI, “we have consumed 32,000 MW of electricity, while our capacity has been 42,000 MW.”

This is the business of independent power producers (IPPs), and Hafiz Naeem stated that these individuals are always present in any administration. His demand was to abrogate the agreements with these IPPs.

In terms of taxes, they are able to obtain more from individuals. The harsh bill slab system is something we reject. “Get the slab system out of place and lower electricity costs,” Hafiz Naeem said.

“They keep saying that they will supply solar panels. JI Ameer stated, “We have a fundamental right to cheaper electricity; please provide it to us without imposing any taxes.”

“The price of that electricity, which hasn’t even been generated, has to be stopped from being recovered from people,” he commented.

He added that Shehbaz Sharif had previously declared that the invoices from 200 power units’ customers would be paid in installments, but the IMF’s demand had not been complied with.

“Keep your announcements honest and don’t give us lollypops,” the JI chief commanded.

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