Kaala Doriya Episode-25 Review: Why Mahnoor is reluctant to marry Asfi?

Shajii finally breaks the ice with Munna and begs for Asfi and Mahnoor’s engagement

HUM TV drama serial Kaala Doriya is moving fast towards its end. The next episode will be it’s Second Last. Osman Khalid Butt and Sana Javed’s onscreen chemistry rocks. This episode got a turning point the prolonged family animosity finally comes towards an end. Shajji breaks the ice with Munna and astonishes the audience by suddenly begging for Mahnoor and Asfi’s engagement.

Mahnoor’s break up with Asfi is a heartbreaking experience for both. They are trying to avoid each other. Mahnoor has told her father that for her, his consent is everything she says she prefers the world over him. She says she will never going to look at Asfi again and will marry the proposal he is suggesting. Shajji knows that Mahnoor is not happy with this and on top of that, his mother reminds him that it was he who has wronged Munna.

Well to our surprise out of nowhere Shajji makes an entry into Munna’s house yes Munna’s place! Shajji breaks the prolonged family animosity and literally begs Munna for Mahnoor and Asfi’s engagement in front of all. Asfi cannot believe what he hears from his own Shajji chacha. Munna is overwhelmed by his elder brother’s gesture, he embraces him immediately saying “Aap hukum karain bhai jaan”.

Well, Kuku and Bitto are too updated with what currently just happening at Munna’s place that they immediately call Tano and they break the news of Shajji fixing Mahnoor and Asfi’s wedding. Tano is shocked to hear that she goes straight away to Munna’s place. To our surprise, Tano easily gets convinced and she happily accepted Shajji’s move. Tano whole heartily embracing Saleeqa is so heartwarming to watch. Credit definitely goes to the writer Saima Akram Chaudhry who has written about the beauty of family ties and relationships.

Well, we were just overjoying this family reunion and Asfi’s exuberance when Mahnoor gives another shock to the audience. She literally refuses to accept this decision by saying that she does not want to marry anyone! Why Mahnoor Why? This gives Shajji a heart attack. Asfi is shocked that his Noor has refused to marry him. Mahnoor tells Asfi later that she has a condition and she will soon going to share her condition with everyone. We are wondering why Mahnoor is so reluctant to marry her love when everything is going in her favour. What might be the condition Mahnoor going to put in front of Asfi?

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