Kabli Pulao Episode-14 Review: Barbeena choose Haaji Mushtaq over Baraan

  • When Barbeena comes to know about Baraan’s sudden absence she cries her heart out

Green Entertainment’s drama serial Kabli Pulao is down with 14 episodes. The story of Kabli Pulao is beautifully penned by Zafar Mairaaj and equally brilliant direction by Kashif Nisar is no less than a masterpiece. Sabeena Farooq has given an award-winning performance in this episode. In the previous episode, we saw that Barbeena got the shock of her life to see Baraan, her love interest, alive. In this Barbeena asks Baraan to leave, she prefers to live with Haaji Mushtaaq.

Barbeena is shocked to see the love of her life Baraan alive, it is indeed the shock of her life. She is so mentally disturbed and she has already started maintaining a distance with Haaji Mushtaq. Sabeena Farooq has given spot-on expressions as someone who is shaken. She goes to the kitchen over and over to take a glance at Baraan and she is surprised to see that it is actually him her dead husband!

Haaji Mushtaq going to Shamim’s house does not make any sense but I get from where Haaji Mustaaq is coming the man has lost his beloved brother. He is in a state of grief. Shamim tries her best to clear her side in front of Mushtaq but all goes in vain Haaji Mushtaq is not ready to listen to her. Shamim expresses all her anger on Illyas and rightly done that she beats the hell out of him later her making a forced video with him looks funny.

Barbeena is quite anxious, her anxiety is not letting her sleep. In the middle of the night, she goes and meets her Baraan. She asks Baraan why he is alive when she has seen his dead body. She says that she grieved for him and she has also plastered his grave. Baraan tells her that it was someone else who had his identity card in his pocket. He says he waited for her for years.

Baraan has the trust of house members soon although Haaji Mushtaq has not recognized him. It seems a bit odd that the family is so quick to trust a person who is a stranger even Haaji Mushtaq leaves Barbeena and her niece with him in the hospital. Barneena asks Baraan to leave as she is now the wife of Haaji Mushtaq. Baraan is heartbroken he leaves the place silently. When Barbeena comes to know about Baraan’s sudden absence she cries her heart out. Our heart goes out to Barbeena she does not deserve this turmoil in her life.

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