Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Ep-28 Review: Shamsher gets badly insulted at his workplace by Ahesun

Baba Sahab is planning again for Mahek’s assassination.

ARY Digital drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi is down with 28 episodes, the play should have concluded by now but the story is quite dragged on too much but with good performances. In the previous episode, we have seen that Shamsher visits his mother’s grave. In this episode, it is shown that Mahek’s heart is inclining towards Shamsher and also Baba Sahab is once again planning to kill Mahek.

Well we are certainly not interested in Ahesun and Nida’s track, how she is being treated at her in laws is none of our concern. Our focus should be more and more on the life of Shamsher and Mahek. It is shown that Andeleeb is making Nida’s life a hell and as an escape she wants to continue her studies. Ahesun is also applying for a job so he agrees to drop Nida at College.

Shamsher is working at the grocery store when Ahesun sees him there. Ahesun shows his true colors to him by insulting him badl. He humiliated him by giving him Rs100 tip, he literally throws off the money on the floor. Even Shamsher’s supervisor is also listening to what Ahesun is saying, he is surprised that Shamsher has not responded at all on his misbehavior. He is now curious to know about Shamsher’s background.

Dara is once again feeling too concerned about Shamsher’s whereabouts. He tells Baba Sahab about Shamsher that he works as a sales person in a grocery shop blah blah and requests him to forgive him but he shows as if he is not moved by any of his details he says he can be forgiven only if he divorce Mahek. Kind Dara has no idea about what Baba Sahab is up to? Nawab Dilawar is actually once again planning to kill Mahek through his old same hitman Sheroo.

Ahesun is not a nice character we have realized after watching the scene where he badly insults Shamsher at his workplace. Now Ahesun is applying at the same workplace where Mahek works and he is successful in landing the job. On his way back home he offers Mahek the ride. Mahek should not have accepted his offer. Shamsher has seen Mahek getting into the car with Ahesun I hope he won’t start doubting her. On their way Ahesun talks ill about Shamsher on which Mahek warns him never to talk about her husband like that. Nida sees Mahek and Ahesun getting out of the car from her rooftop. Will Sheroo agree to kill Mahek once again when he has sworn over his dead child not to kill anyone again?

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